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       Thick wall stainless steel pip
       Stainless steel tube
       Stainless steel plate
       The stainless steel rod
       Stainless steel seamless pipe
       The stainless steel spiral tub
       316 stainless steel
       316L stainless steel tube
       Stainless steel angle steel
    Expensive and Xinda steel ( Tianjin ) Limited in Tianjin is a larger scale of production and processing operations in one steel company. Company main products are: alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate, tube, alloy steel, year-round operation of Tianjin , Chengdu, steel, metallurgic
      Baoshan Iron ore supply of millions  [2012/1/10]
      In Penglai 19-3 oil spill accident   [2012/1/10]
      China's iron ore prices remain down  [2012/1/10]
      Standard terminology of steel pipe  [2012/1/10]
      Alloy management theory f  [2012/9/21]
      Stainless steel pipe stan  [2012/9/24]
      The next week the domesti  [2012/1/10]
      Domestic steel market pri  [2012/1/10]
      10 domestic steel market   [2012/1/10]
      Alloy management theory f  [2012/9/21]

    Copyright (C) Expensive and Xinda steel ( Tianjin ) Limited Website : AddressTianjin Beichen District Beichen Wang MetroZip code:300400 Telephone:022-89519610  022-86896629  022-60996019   Mobile:13612108969   13662196709  Maintain

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